A quick nail reshaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, light hand massage, and your choice of polish.


Regular Polish: $25
Long Wear Polish: $30

Gel Polish: $40

Super Gel Base: $45

 This fantastic manicure begins with a honey scrub for exfoliation then your nails are trimmed, shaped and your cuticle is detailed and cleaned. After that your hands are submerged in a spa mask and wrapped in a hot towel. A gentle massage of creamy lotion will be applied entirely to your lower arms and hands for perfect completion.


Regular Polish: $35
Long Wear Polish: $40

Gel Polish: $50

Super Gel Base: $55

This luxury manicure begins with trimming, shaping and cleaning cuticles. After that your hands are submerged in a hydrating clay mask and wrapped in a hot towel. To double your hydration and boost skin elasticity, a warm paraffin wax will be applied all over your hands. A nice massage of creamy butter at the end is a wonderful completion.

 Regular Polish: $45
Longwear Polish: $50

Gel Polish: $60

Super Gel Base: $65

Considered to be one of the best natural nail care treatments, it is a luxurious treatment done in our spa that helps to improve brittle nails, very dried cuticles, dry skin and calluses on the hands. A soothing hot oil with Vitamin E manicure can keep your cuticles soft, smooth and forever clean while repairing & replenishing your nails bed. Plus, a moisturizing cream with 5,000 IU Vitamin E will help revitalizing your hand. There is no better way to pamper your nails and skin than this. No polish on this manicure except a double coat of nail strengthener solution.


No Polish: $40

This great manicure is designed for GENTLEMEN exclusively. His nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticle is well cleaned, his hands are exfoliated with a brown sugar scrub then submerged in a spa mask and wrapped with a hot towel. A gentle massage of creamy lotion will be applied entirely to his lower arms and finally, a warm paraffin wax applied over his hands to bring a wonderful nail grooming completion.


No polish: $40
Shiny Buffing: $45
Clear gel polish: $55

This manicure is perfect for someone who gets damaged nail beds after removing acrylic or has weak, brittle, peeling nails. Our fiber gel enhanced with keratin will protect nails from breaking and chipping, strengthen nails surface and help successfully growing natural nails without any enhancement. It lasts up to 3 weeks.

Fiber Gel Color Only: $50
Additional Gel Color: $60
Acrylic Removal: +$10

Another name is BIAB Nails. This new manicure is from Europe and is trending now in the US. After trimming, cleaning cuticles, we reinforce your natural nails with a supportive layer of rubber-based gel with a purpose to prevent breakage and keeps the color stay longer than regular gel polish. The GREAT thing is we DO NOT use any drill tool, so the application & removal process is less likely to damage your nails than other nails enhancements like acrylic, hard gel or dip powder. PLUS, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and lasts up to 3-4 weeks. It’s a great option for growing out and strengthening your natural nails.



BIAB Gel: $60
Additional Gel Color: +10
BIAB Removal: +$5

A dry manicure or Russian manicure means your fingers aren’t engaged in the usual water soaking. Instead, the cuticles are softened with a cuticle remover and your hands are in collagen-infused gloves that help to strengthen and moisturize skin. An electric drill head is used to break down gel polish as well as removing skin around nail beds. Your cuticle then gets detailed cleaned, and the nail gets buffed with another drill head. Lastly, your nail will get shaped and painted with gel polish. This manicure is exclusively using e-file, therefore it’s great for those who get thick cuticle & strong nail bed. It lasts up to 3-5 weeks depending on how fast the nails grow.

With Gel Polish: $70

Gel Polish Removal: Unlike the other salons, we use a special solution imported from Europe to remove the gel polish that no harsh. It costs our supply and time consuming, but the method is safer and gentler, helps to retain your natural nails bed.


Chrome or French: +$10
Paraffin or Collagen Gloves: +$10

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