Beautiful, strong, and long, it’s no wonder acrylic is the most popular form of nail enhancement. This nail enhancement will not only fix broken and brittle nails, but it will also prevent biting, breakage, and splitting. We use the very best products and your choice of powder, color, or gel polish, to ensure you will leave with nails you love time after time.


Full Set Gel | $55+
Fill-in Gel | $45+


With this nail enhancement, good looking and long-lasting nails never seemed so achievable. Our dipping powder and shiny gel topcoat will allow your nails to remain lightweight, while still giving them the strong and natural look you deserve. Please note: We do not fill-in for dipping powder.


 Overlay Nails | $50+
Tip Extension | $60+

Do you want to extend your nails but leave them looking natural, then look no further than Gel-X. Our specially formulated gel tips will cover your short nail bed, allowing your natural nails to grow underneath. With our special techniques, your Gel-X set will last up to 3-4 weeks. Please note: We do not fill in for Gel-X.


Full Set | $55+
Soak Off | +$10


Are you looking for a strong and flexible natural look with durability but without the harshness of acrylic? Are you sensitive to odors and chemicals? Then the Hybrid gel is the best method for lengthening your nails. With the innovative composition blending between the powder and gel, Hybrid Gel is much gentler on your natural nails because it is non-acid based and is more durable than Gel-X and standard gel polish, plus less likely to damage your nails. It also doesn’t have the artificial nail’s overbearing odor. Overall, Hybrid Gel is the healthiest nail extension that we highly recommend.


Full Set | $65+
Fill-in | $50

Builder gel is a liquid gel with a thick viscosity that is used to create length, thickness or strengthen your natural nails or nail enhancements. If you’re a nail-biter, it’s also a sound option to protect your nails because they’re too rigid to bite through. Builder gel lasts about two to three weeks. Due to its strong, viscous texture, it’s less prone to lifting, like regular gel nail polish. It can be filled so you don’t need a new set every time you get your nails done. If you are allergic to powder, builder gel is the best alternative for nails.


Full Set | $70+
 Fill In | $55+


Acrylic Removal Without Service | +$20


Acrylic Removal With Service | +$10


Gel X Hybrid Gel Soak Off

Without Service | +$15

With Service | +$10


Without service | +$10
With service | +$5



SHAPE | +$5


LENGTH | +$5

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