Do you want a good job or a fast job? Did you already enjoy a body massage at our spa but need more attention on your feet? Then this pedicure is your choice. We will trim your nails, clean your cuticles and heels quickly, exfoliate your legs, and send you on your way.


Regular Polish: $35
Longwear Polish: $40
Gel Polish: $50

This pedicure starts with nail trimming, cuticle cleaning, and callus removal if needed. You will then move on to have your legs exfoliated with our personal blend of citrus scrub. After that, feel free to kick back and relax while we apply warm towels covered the foot mask. A great massage with creamy lotion will moisturize your feet then finish with your choice of polish.                    

Regular Polish: $50
Longwear: $55
Gel Polish: $65

with choice of either Hot Stone massage or Paraffin Dip wax

One of our signature pedicures and the most popular choice for a tiring, busy day at work. First, your feet will be soaked in a vitamin spa salt that will detoxify and soothe your skin. After trimming and cleaning your cuticle, your lower legs will be exfoliated by our special sugar scrub and collagen mix. Then a special butter masque will hydrate your legs wrapped in warm towels. A double massage with lotion and your choice of hot stones for relaxation, or paraffin wax for maintaining smooth skin.


Regular Polish: $60
Longwear Polish: $65
Gel Polish: $75

Designed specifically for GENTLEMEN, especially after a hard day at work, his tired feet need to be pampered, cleaned and refreshed. Begin with the healing properties of the sea to hydrate and condition the feet by using Sea Salt Scrub. His feet will then be wrapped in a stimulating Dead Sea mud masque to detoxify, minimize cellulite conditions, and stimulate circulation. A “hot & cold” therapy foot massage technique with cooling gel & hot stones, plus paraffin dip wax at the end will make him feel like he’s walking on clouds after finishing the session. It’s truly a great treat for your love!


Without Polish: $65
Clear Gel Polish: $75

Let’s bring your youth back with this special pedicure! As great as its name, this treatment delights your feet like a rich honey treat soothes your soul. After trimming, cleaning your cuticles and/or processing callus treatment, your feet will be exfoliated by brown sugar that will reveal softer, more radiant legs. Then a relaxing butter masque soothes your legs in warm towels. A lifting massage technique will increase your skin elasticity while reducing your wrinkles. An extensive Hot Stone massage session with Anti-wrinkle oil plus your choice of paraffin wax or collagen socks. After your treatment you will look and feel younger.


Regular Polish: $70
Longwear Polish: $75
Gel Polish: $85

Love to shine and be glamorous like a diva? Let’s Glow for it! Super packed with skin-loving ingredients to purify irritations and ultra-nourish to keep dull and dehydrated skin away, this pedicure delivers the ultimate foot treatment. With soothing and calming benefits of vanilla bean, this helps contour and tone legs, plus shimmer and brighter skin. The addition of hot stone massage and collagen socks will make your feet softer, happy, healthy and sparkly, ready for a party!


Regular Polish: $75
Longwear Polish: $80
Gel Polish: $90

CBD has grown increasingly popular over the last couple years, and with the benefits it provides, it’s no wonder this treatment is one of our most requested. CBD not only has relaxing properties; it has also been proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote nail growth and healing. We infused CBD in every step of this special pedicure: CBD bath bomb, CBD lotion, hemp oil with hot stone massage plus CBD paraffin dip wax at the end. Whether you are stressed to the max or just need a break from this high-strung world, this unique pedicure will make you forget your worries.


Regular Polish: $80
Longwear Polish: $85
Gel Polish: $95

Ready for detoxifying? Your feet will start off soaking in a warm foot bath of energy-balancing cellular water designed to detoxify and balance your body within 15 minutes.  As time progresses you will start to see the color changing and matter appearing in the water.  These are the toxins leaving your body through the pores of your feet. When your feet are done soaking, a whole detox pedicure set will be performed to totally cleanse impurities and remove stress from your legs. A special massage using our hot stones with blending detox oil that promotes healing and relaxation of your muscles. You will feel “weightless” and sleep better after this treatment.


Regular Polish: $100
Longwear Polish: $105
Gel Polish: $115

•  Our stated pricing is for cash value. At the time of check out, you will be presented with a choice between the discounted cash price or the additional 3% cost of the non-cash transaction.

•  Every single dollar spent is counted as 1 point reward then turns into a great discount later. If you pay CASH or APPS, you will receive a DOUBLE point reward. Your point reward is never expired.
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