A quick cleansing and exfoliation includes a mini face massage followed by a hydrating moisturizer.


30 Minutes | $50

We use hot & cold hammer with customized serum depending on your skin type. The hot side of the hammer relaxes and opens pores while stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. The cold side soothes tired and overheated skin, plus closes pores while locking moisture into the skin. Then our latest new technology LED light therapy will be customized based on your skin. This powerful form of light energy stimulates your body’s natural cellular processes to boost the skin’s ability to heal and balance itself.


 60 Minutes | $75

Acne facial or deep cleansing facials are recommended for people prone to oily skin, breakouts, or uneven complexions. The best benefit of this facial is generally incorporate a combination of thorough steaming, deep cleansing, facial extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum with variation of healing mask and moisturizer.


70 Minutes | $85

This service focuses on exfoliating dead skin to bring baby skin to the surface. The regimen can really change the appearance of the skin, especially for those with scarring, congestion, aging lines, and dehydration.


70 Minutes | $90

Dermaplaning is a procedure in which the skin is manually exfoliated to remove dead skin buildup and fine hairs. It’s different from shaving because the intent is to improve the appearance of the skin as opposed to the removal of hair. Dermaplaning makes the skin smoother, softer, and brighter. It can help reveal healthy skin beneath dead skin cell layers. It also helps improve the penetration of skincare products and preps the skin for additional procedures like lasers and peels.


75 Minutes | $95

Hydro dermabrasion is the most requested facial service. A gentle, yet thorough, vacuum exfoliation using saline, and crystal free microdermabrasion will leave your skin feeling baby soft and ultra clean. With oxygen fusion treatment, the hydra facial promotes collagen production and helps to detox the skin by speeding up the cell turnover process.


70 Minutes | $120
Neck and Lower Neckline Add on | +$50

The luxury anti-aging facial brings lots of benefits. The benefits include glowing skin, restoring elasticity, slowing down collagen depletion, and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It also stimulates cellular growth to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect.


75 Minutes | $180

A relaxing back treatment that focuses on clearing out acne or pore congestion. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions. Finally, the clarifying mask will give a satisfying and visibly smooth feel to your back.


45 Minutes | $70

If you want your skin to look healthy and radiant, this treatment is for you. Start your journey with an aromatic scrub. Then continue with a mineral sea mud wrap on your back and extremities. Finally Finish with a relaxing Swedish massage. This treatment will detoxify and revitalize your skin, leaving you feeling soft, smooth, and cool plus help to lose weight. By adding on the spa facial to your treatment, you will receive the best spa experience ever.


90 Minutes | $160
Add-on Facial: $120

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